Shield your eyes: A Blobfish café may be coming to London next summer

Blobfish are fascinating and we should all look at them


A Blobfish. Image via YouTube

It may all be an elaborate prank, but if photographic evidence is to be believed, then evolution has delivered a fish out there that looks like this:

Alright, that’s enough of that.

Actually, let’s look at it again.


Blobfish. Image via YouTube


Fascinating. Troubling. And the great news is that there may be a café coming to London in which there will be aquariums with these creatures inside, swimming about.

If an unverified Twitter account is to be believed, then in the summer of 2016, the Blobfish café will open its doors, and will be home to three of these gelatinous wet flesh mounds.

Yes, after the various weird cafés London has spawned in recent months, including a cat café, and owl café and so on, this looks set to be the most psychologically demanding eating experience in town.

That’s if it is a real enterprise. The twitter account, @BlobFishCafe, has already clocked up nearly 20,000 followers, but mysteriously follows just one other account – that of Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet. We’re not sure what the connection, if any, is between Mignolet and the deep sea dwelling fish. has contacted Mignolet for comment, but is yet to hear back.

Blobfish traditionally live at depths of between 2,000 and 4,000 feet, and due to the increased atmospheric pressure, their shapes are remarkably different to the above pictures - almost handsome to the human eye. But they are like a fish out of water at zero atmospheres, as their low density flesh loses all definition and shape.

There are also concerns that deep sea trawling is a major threat to blobfish populations, and scientists are worried that the blobfish will become an endangered species.

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