Royal family cost the taxpayer £35.7m last year

The monarchy cost taxpayers £35.7m last year, according to detailed annual accounts published by Buckingham Palace.

The Queen’s income is expected to soar more than 5% next year as the Crown Estate has reported record profits. It is expected to reach £40m.

According to accounts, the Queen’s spending increased by £2.4m last year. The figure excludes the bill for security for family members and visitors.

Property maintenance for the Royals cost the taxpayer £13.3m, a £4.2m increase since last year. The taxpayer forked out £4m for Wills and Kate’s apartment refurbishment.

A Kensington Palace spokesman said: “Before the project started, the residence was in a state of disrepair.

“It was last refurbished in 1963.”

The travel bill for the Royal family has dropped from £4.5m in 2012-13 to £4.2m last year. However, costs are still eye-wateringly high.

The taxpayer paid £255,000 towards travel cost for the Prince of Wales to attend Nelson Mandela’s funeral. Prince Andrew spent £14,692 on a charter flight from Farnborough to Scotland and Prince Harry spent £10,888 on a first-class return ticket from Heathrow to Washington, Denver then New York.

Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the Privy Purse, defended the costs saying public funding of the monarchy had dropped by 8% in real terms in the last two years.

“We take our responsibility to run as efficient an operation as possible,” he told the media.

“In our view we think that we do as good a job as possible in terms of trying maximise the value for money.”

Graham Smith, chief executive of campaign group Republic, said: “The job of reporting royal finances needs to be taken out of the hands of the palace and given to some honest brokers.

“The spin has to stop, the excuses have to stop, the royals need to be held to account for their profligacy.”

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Readers' comments (6)

  • How cheep was that! why do we keep bashing the Royals, when the bankers costs us more than that in losses and bonuses, how much do the Royals earn the country every year,that never seems to be reported. Graham Smith wants to move if he wants the UK to be a Republic!

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  • I would estimate that they are worth 100 times that in exports,. You also have to think how much a president would cost us.

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  • They are paid from the profits that their crwon estates generate, they dont cost us anything it is ludicrous to say otherwise. Charles can chose to take the full amount from the crown estates or continue with the civil list but he will be liable for all expenses which are easily covered by profits from the crown estates

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  • Ian Middleton

    £4.2M for William and Kate's flash London pad - were there no Polish painters and decorators available?

    15 grand on an internal flight for Andy - He couldn't take the train?

    Over a quarter of a million quid for Charlie to go to South Africa??? How did he get there? Was bodily carried in a sedan chair by a relay team of supermodels?

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  • £4.2M was not for William and Kate's flash pad, if you read the report the building needed a new roof, and is a listed building, still cheep when you see what they bring in.

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  • Ian Middleton

    Well they could simply have bought something that had a roof on and didn't need so much renovation work.

    I hear there are some very nice new-builds going up all over the place. They could have spent less than a quarter of that and got a fitted kitchen, a three piece suite and SKY TV thrown in for free.

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