Richard Dawkins angers the whole internet by saying some rapes are “mild”

Yesterday, (previously) one of the world’s most respected scientists, Richard Dawkins angered almost the whole of Twitter by saying some rapes and instances of child abuse were worse than others.

He argued some rapes were worse than others, but that didn’t mean any of them were OK.

While a lot of people actually agreed with the divisive opinion, the words he used got many people’s backs up.

Many people were confused about the term “mild rape” considering rape in any context is generally considered to be the opposite of “mild”.


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  • Anonymous

    Sadly the law supports the idea that there are degrees of rape and upholds the principle by reference to:
    R v Millberry, the Court of Appeal held that "there are, broadly, three dimensions to consider in assessing the gravity of an individual offence of rape. The first is the degree of harm to the victim; the second is the level of culpability of the offender; and the third is the level of risk posed by the offender to society.
    In this respect Dawkins is not wrong; it is a view that is propagated by the law. If you want to make a change then lobby the ministers to abolish this type of case law president and tighten legislation to give stricter guidance to judges on what constitutes rape and degrees of rape.
    While you are at it lobby them on severity of murder because the law distinguishes between degrees of killing too.

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