Obese police? Hundreds of Met officers not fit enough to catch criminals on foot

The Met Police are earning their nickname PC Plod, as hundreds of officers have failed an annual fitness test.

According to the Evening Standard, at least 356 officers failed to meet the required standard in an annual bleep test which was introduced in April last year.

Officers must complete the bleep test (a 15 metre shuttle run that gets quicker and quicker), to reach level 5.4 – four shuttle runs at level 5 of the test.

If the officer can’t take the pace on their first attempt, they are allowed two more goes before an “unsatisfactory performance” is recorded.

The results raise concerns over the Met police’s facility for apprehending fleet-footed felons.

According to the figures revealed by the Standard, of the 9,377 male officers who took the test, 117 of them failed to hit the target. Of the 2,998 female officers taking the test, 239 of them couldn’t make it.

In total, 2.87% of the participants failed to make the grade.

A Met Police spokeswoman said: “Since the fitness test was introduced last year, 97% of Metropolitan Police officers have passed which is in line with the national average.  

“Where officers fail the test they will be provided with development plans and the necessary support to help them meet the standard. In the unlikely event that this is not possible more formal steps may be initiated.”

In particular areas of the police force, fitness levels must be considerably higher. According to the Standard, members of the Met’s specialist firearms unit have to obtain level 10.5 on the bleep test and perform a 20-second rope hang.

Response vehicle officers and public order police must also achieve higher levels of fitness.

In the past, police stations have been issued with cookbooks in a bid to help promote healthy eating. Just don’t mention doughnuts.

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  • Picture looks like an outtake from Little Britain!
    Love to know what the woman in the left of the picture is thinking as she looks at the officers! Caption competition?

    and what is the officer holding in his left hand (one on the right?)

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  • Not only that, but they now bristle with so much gear and anti-stab/flak jackets that they can hardly move, let alone chase someone. But I forgot, they're all in cars now, innit?

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