National Gallery workers row: “All out indefinite strike to begin”, says Serwotka

Indefinite walkout to hit London’s biggest gallery this month

Mark Serwotka, the general secretary of the PCS union, has said that workers at London’s National Gallery are to commence an “all out, indefinite strike”, over privatisation of jobs.

The overhaul at the gallery will see existing workers transferred to the employ of a private company while changes to the terms in gallery workers’ contracts are expected.

Unions argue this means working hours could be extended.

Speaking to LondonLovesBusiness, a PCS Union spokesman confirmed that an all-out indefinite strike would begin on August 17.

“This is not just going to be one or two days”, he said.

“This will be ongoing, and workers won’t go back until they want to.”

He added: “This will be over a third of the staff at the gallery, so it will be significant. There will be massive disruption.”

The strikes, which have plagued the gallery over the summer, have meant that large portions of the gallery have had to be closed.

The National Gallery is the UK’s second most popular tourist attraction, and the fourth most visited in the world, receiving over six million people a year.

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