More people now live in London than ever before... probably

Today we’ve finally overtaken the previous population peak from 1939 (kind of)

In 1939, the London population peaked at 8.6 million people. Millions of workers were drawn to London from the rest of the UK as it became the world’s biggest commercial centre.

However, it dropped sharply during WWII due to the Blitz, evacuations and men going into service and didn’t regain its population levels until… well, today.

Today, 6 January, is when the Greater London Authority (GLA) says the 8,615,246th person will arrive in London, according to City Metric (which we have to admit has compiled a whole host of brilliant stats).

Of course, 6 January is a nominal date, so we don’t know for definite that it’s accurate, but it’s likely that some time roughly around now, the London population will be the biggest it has ever been.

In terms of the percentage of the UK, 2015 London is still far behind 1939 London when it was home to 18% of the UK population. Now it’s still only 13%.

So it might now be bigger in terms of numbers of people living here but London, in terms of area, is now far bigger than it was in 1939. And you thought modern London was crowded.

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