London’s most famous murder mystery solved - Jack the Ripper’s identity revealed

A total of 126 years after his horrific murders shook Whitechapel, the identity of London’s most famous murderer, Jack the Ripper, has finally been revealed.

DNA evidence has found the man behind the killing spree was Aaron Kosminkski, a 23-year old immigrant from Poland.

Author Russell Edwards bought a shawl that was from one of the victims in 2007 and carried out tests on it in an attempt to discover the Ripper’s identity.

Edwards had thought the grisly murders were unsolvable but said the DNA evidence proved beyond a doubt Kosminkski, one of the six well-known suspects, was the Ripper. However, the DNA testing hasn’t been independently verified yet.

Kosminkski emigrated from Poland to London in 1881 and, if he was the Ripper, carried out between five and 11 murders in the Whitechapel area without being caught. He became a suspect at the time of the murders, but police didn’t have enough evidence to put him to trial.

He was incarcerated in Colney Hatch Lunatic Asylum and died there in 1919, at the age of 53.

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