London terrorist attacks: Outrage as TfL wardens issues tickets on abandoned cars

You couldn’t make this up…

Motorists who were forced to abandon their vehicles on Saturday night’s terrorist attack in London have been fined by TfL ‘wardens’, the operator apologised for their “insensitive mistake.”

Fines that can go as far as £130 if not in to the many high hundreds when Bailiffs are forced to attend after non-payment, a TfL spokesman said that all fines have been cancelled.

TfL spokesman said: “We unreservedly apologise for our insensitive mistake. These fines should never have been issued and will all be immediately cancelled.”

However, despite this, it seriously does beg the question as to where the basic human common sense is and why TfL are not training their wardens correctly.

When such an atrocity happens why is it that in 2017 people are thinking of money rather than having the human decency to walk on by and that someone cannot take the initiative to prevent further hurt and insult to innocent victims.

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