Lambeth Bridge bus explosion stunt branded “insensitive” by 7/7 victim’s father

Huge explosion was for Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan film

Bus explosion

The bus explodes on Lambeth Bridge. Image via YouTube

This morning a double decker bus crossing Lambeth Bridge violently exploded, throwing the roof into the air, and engulfing the centre of the bridge in a ball of flames as a mushroom cloud surged skywards.

Thankfully, the explosion was a stunt for a big-budget film starring Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan.

But the controlled detonation has been condemned by many, including the father of a victim of the 7 July 2005 terror attacks in London, who said the stunt was “particularly insensitive”.

Speaking to the Mirror, John Taylor, whose daughter Carrie, 24, was killed at Aldgate Station in 2005 said he had been warned an explosion in London would take place for the film, but had not been told it would feature a bus.

He said: “You can totally understand why some people would be alarmed seeing this. Fair enough there is filming that goes on in the city but this seems particularly insensitive.”

Meanwhile, ex-Scotland Yard detective David Videcette wrote on Twitter: “Jackie Chan movie stunt blows up bus on Lambeth Bridge today. Watching it turns my stomach.”

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