Here’s why you’re probably going to be mighty disappointed by the blue moon tonight

It’s called a blue moon, but it’s no bluer than a normal moon. Sorry

Tonight we’re going to be treated to a rare astronomic spectacle, one we haven’t seen since 2012.

But for many people it will be a massive disappointment, and not because of cloud (for a change).

The so-called blue moon is actually no different in appearance to a normal full moon. It’s rare though because it’s the second full moon to appear in a calendar month.

Full moons come around every 29.53 days, while a calendar month is 28-31 days so it’s rare to get two in the same month, and won’t be seen again until January 2018.

Real blue moon

Yes, we have seen pictures of moons that look blue. They’re taken near volcano eruptions and caused by volcanic ash giving the light an eerie blue hue.


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