Here are the big stories they tried to bury and everything else you missed because of Budget coverage

Now’s your chance to catch up on the scandals

Nearly 500 Routemasters recalled

Almost 500 New Routemaster buses have been recalled because the steering might stop working. The buses have been known to have a number of problems including hot temperatures on the upper deck and battery failures, which meant some of them ran mostly on diesel. In 468 buses the wiring has to be replaced.

Charities lose thousands through odd loophole

Charities have missed out on thousands of pounds worth of funding because tax relief cannot be claimed on donations with personal messages from more than one person.

Donations with messages like “from mum and dad” are not eligible for Gift Aid, HMRC says, as it was revealed officials snooped on messages from families and friends of people who were fundraising.

Centrica boss earns £3m

The boss of Centrica, the company that owns British Gas, was paid a whopping £3m in 2015. Iain Conn only started the job last year, but during his time as CEO, profits have fallen 12% to £1.5bn, due to lower oil and gas prices.

Embarrassing message left on Tory website as disabled webmaster quits

Tory webmaster

The webmaster of the Conservative Disability Group quit yesterday in a blaze of glory, sabotaging his own party’s website.

Graeme Ellis, who is a wheelchair user, was protesting over the government’s cuts to disability support payments.

Prince Andrew reported to police

The Duke of York has been reported to the police for ramming park gates in his Range Rover, causing several thousand pounds worth of damage.

A park worker told the Sun: “For some reason the sensors didn’t work. Instead of going a mile out of his way, he just decided to ram it open.”

A quarter of new wealth of the past 15 years grabbed by 1%

The 1% richest people in the UK have pocketed a quarter of the new wealth created in the last 15 years, according to Oxfam.

“Wealthy British tax-dodgers” are withholding funds that could be used to fight poverty the charity said. Only 7p in every £1 went to 30 million poorest people in the UK, while 26p went to the richest 1%.

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