Guess who is paying West Ham’s running costs on the Olympic Stadium. Yep, it’s the taxpayer

We’re forking out for the football club’s new home

When the Olympic Stadium was commissioned, the British public had a sense of uneasiness about how it was being built without a concrete plan for what would happen to it after the Olympics in 2012.

And it seems like we were concerned for good reason, as it has been revealed the taxpayer will be picking up the bill for running costs on the £700m stadium.

Things like stadium utilities, security, maintaining the pitch, and the goalposts and corner flags will be paid for by the taxpayer, according to the BBC which carried out the investigation, to a value of £1.4m-£2.5m a year.

Shadow culture secretary Chris Bryant told the BBC: “To all intents and purposes, this is a contract which gives West Ham the stadium at a peppercorn rent at most or, to be honest, for no rent whatsoever.

“The question is, if we were able to see the fuller facts and figures, which I think we should, would we be even more angry?”

West Ham, which made £76m in prize money in 2014, said: “Without us the stadium would lose money. The suggestion we are getting the stadium rent free is wrong - we are more than paying our way.

“There is absolutely no chance tickets will be dumped on the market. We need to move as we have simply outgrown the Boleyn Ground.”


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