Government has just DAYS to tackle air pollution or face High Court charges

Lawyers want action on dangerous pollution levels

The government is set to be taken to court over dangerous levels of air pollution in the UK, if it doesn’t take action within 10 days.

The Supreme Court has already ruled the UK needed an immediate plan to tackle the problem back in April 2015, but despite putting a plan in place towards the end of last year, the government has taken no concrete action.

To put the issue into perspective, it was estimated last week that 40,000 people die early each year because of air pollution and it has also been revealed London breached limits for NO2 for the whole of 2016 in the first week of January.

ClientEarth chief executive James Thornton said: “Despite an order from the UK’s highest court, despite tens of thousands of premature deaths in this country every year and despite clear evidence to show that air pollution has a terrible effect on the health of vulnerable groups like children, the government has consistently ducked its responsibility to ensure our right to clean air.

“We have had to issue this legal warning to the government because of its failure to produce a plan that would bring air pollution down as soon as possible.”


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