Dramatic pictures from the recent anti-austerity protests in London

Protesters clashed with police

Yesterday thousands of protesters took to the streets of Westminster and Trafalgar Square to make their voices heard over the government’s proposed austerity measures.

The demonstration was heated, with objects thrown at police and three arrests.

UKIP MP Douglas Carswell was escorted away from Westminster in a police van for his own safety.

“It got extremely, extremely nasty. Their intentions were pretty murderous and I needed a lot of police officers to prevent them from attacking me,” he said.

“I was stunned. I think MPs should be able to go about their business. It was incredibly intimidating. It was like a lynch mob on the streets of London. I thought this was a country where we had democracy and discussed the issues.

“It just got incredibly ugly. It was an attempted lynching. I am in a state of shock. I do not want to have to worry about going about my business.”

Take a look at the dramatic pictures:



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  • Anonymous

    The great thing about our democratic system is that a bunch of misguided and deluded individuals who hate democratic values can hold this type of demonstration without being arrested - just so long as they dont commit a crime. Try doing that in the great socialist states of China, Cuba or North Korea.

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  • The only people who are being violent in these pictures are the police.

    As for "Anonymous", there is nothing democratic about our system, and that's really what this protest is about. These people don't "hate democratic values", they are just frustrated at a political system that denies them adequate democratic representation.

    The Tories are pushing through a radical, ideologically driven agenda of unnecessary cuts to public services, sold to some gullible voters on a pack of lies based on people's lack of understanding of economics.

    These cuts will not reduce the deficit, but they will ruin the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, and make the vast majority of us worse off by reducing living standards for the many whilst enriching the few. Only the privileged such as hedge fund managers, bankers, tax dodging millionaires, the landed gentry and big corporations will benefit from the Tories' twisted policies.

    They are able to do this despite 73% of voters voting against them. What's any of that got to do with democracy?

    No wonder people are taking to the streets.

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  • A larger percentage still did n't vote for the left-wing Utopia that these spartists would like, put off by the extreme left-wing agenda of the unions aided by the SNP. Even under more democratic proportional representation, or I don't know what other ystem you are thinking of, Labour and the SNP would still be well down the list, and the most unfair example is UKIP who with 13% of the vote got just one MP. Had unfortunately Labour been able to take power with the help of the SNP, do you think right-wing voters would be rioting in the streets and assaulting the police? This anti-democratic behaviour is the hall-mark of the left-wing rent-a-mob.
    The welfare cuts are not idealogically driven-they are essential to bring our borrowing back under control, the interest on which, even under the artificially low interest rates we have, costs the country £50 billion a year, money which if were not spent servincing debt could really do some good. And it is not going to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands either. And the millionaires you moan about create employment and pay a huge proportion of all income tax. If there is anyone who does not understand economics it is idealogues, I nearly said idiots, like you.,

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  • You've fallen for all the lies. Our current financial circumstances were brought about by the irresponsible actions of out-of-control bankers and financial speculators.

    According to the Government's own figures, the people you laud for their contribution to the economy received an £955bn public subsidy. That's taxpayers money. The BoE have estimated the total cost of this crisis, artificially caused by the wanton greed of the people you're defending, at £7.4tn. That's £7,400,000,000,000, equivalent to over £120,000 for every man, woman and child in the coutry.

    So don't make me laugh by trotting out the simplistic lie that we should be grateful to these people for "creating wealth". Only the truly stupid would fail to see what a fat lie that it.

    The public are now paying for this free handout to the very wealthiest people in our society as the Tories lay waste to our public services and the welfare state. People are right to be angry, and they are right to take to the streets. They have no representation in Parliament, because even the labour party broadly support this rotten system.

    Only gullible mugs like you fall for the Establishment line that we're all in it together and that we have to put up with this phoney austerity for our own good.

    By the end of this parliamentary term, you'll be paying Serco for a visit to your GP and your hospitals will be run by Circle Health (whose owners recently won a £1.2bn NHS contract after donating £1.5m to the Tories). This isn't scaremongering, this is the Tory plan. It's not hidden, and they are already doing it.

    Before the previous election, David Cameron promised "no top-down reorganisation of the NHS", and then immediately embarked on the biggest top-down reorganisation in the history of the NHS. This time, there is a despicable lie that they will provide £8bn of increased funding - but this is to address a funding gap of £30bn caused by their existing policies. So this is political smoke & mirrors to make a £22bn CUT TO NHS FUNDING look like an INCREASE. The Tories are a party of theives and liars. They will continue to cut funding to the NHS whilst making all new funding available to private healthcare firms run for profit by their City friends for the easy, profitable activities, leaving the difficult, unprofitable activities with an increasingly underfunded NHS. Crisis in A & E? We've seen nothing yet. Look forward to many more people dying on trollies in hospital corridors.

    We can expect to see rises in homelessness and more suicides from people whose benefits have been cut. Expect to see more massive increases in food banks as the poorest people in the sixth richest nation on Earth cannot feed themselves and their children because of the Tories systematically dismantling the Welfare State that our forbears fought blood sweat and tears to put in place and which used to be the envy of the world.

    Expect TTIP to sail through without any friction from the UK, an agreement which will give US Corporations the right to sue the UK Government if they lose profits from any new laws that are passed and will make it impossible to reverse privatisations. The Tories have been negotiating this agreement in secret, and it is only thanks to the tireless work of campaigners who actually care about what happens to other people that it has been exposed, but now there's nobody speaking for us to stop the Tories from passing it into law.

    Even now, today, TPP is being debated in secret. This agreement will grant the U.S. Trade Representative unilateral special powers to challenge laws in other countries that they deem unacceptable, superseding our domestic rules in favour of unaccountable, unelected U.S. lobbyists. You don't know anything about that, do you? Course you don't.

    Expect to see rises in university fees, squeezing out more and more poorer people from further education. Expect to see more schools handed over to big businesses to run, funded by public cash and free to set their own curriculum and own agenda.

    Expect to see more people forced against their will into zero hours contracts and part-time jobs, having to take benefits to feed their families, which are then cut because they are told that they are "lazy" for not having a full-time job. More lies about how there are "more people in work than ever before" without any analysis of what sort of jobs they are doing and whether they can earn a living wage from doing them, or whether the taxpayer has to supplement them with benefits so that their employers can pay them subsistence wages in favour of ever greater profits.

    You should open your eyes and wake the f*** up!

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  • Anonymous

    Murray C is right. The so-called "financial crisis" has been the biggest transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich in human history.

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