Do you live in the least peaceful place in the UK?

London boroughs (as always) rank highest

The least peaceful place in the UK is Lambeth, according to a study.

Lambeth ranked worst in the whole of the UK for peacefulness thanks to the high presence of violent crime and weapons crime, according to Vision of Humanity, which also ranked the world’s countries in order of peacefulness.

The UK ranked 39 out of 162 in order of most peaceful. Iceland was the most peaceful country.

Taking into account homicide, violent crime, weapons crime, public disorder and number of police officers and awarding a score out of 5, the least peaceful places were:

1. Lambeth 4.440

2. Islington 4.401

3. Glasgow 4.357

4. Hammersmith & Fulham 4.351

5.Brent 4.248

6. Haringey 4.241

7. Tower Hamlets 4.170

8. Lewisham 4.112

9. Croydon 3.977

10. Ealing 3.971

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