Diplomats rack up £87m in unpaid congestion charge debts - here are the worst offenders

Can you guess which country comes out top?

Foreign diplomats in London owe the government over £87m in congestion charges, the Foreign office has revealed.

Diplomats are able to avoid these charges as they’re exempt from some taxes.

London Mayor Boris Johnson has time and again urged foreign diplomats to stump up money towards congestion charges. When Barack Obama came to London in 2011, Johnson reportedly asked him for a £5m cheque for unpaid congestion charges.

Take a look at what foreign embassies owe the government in congestion charges:

1. US Embassy - £9.5m

2. Japanese Embassy - £6.4m

3. Nigerian High Commission - £5.4m

4. Russian Embassy - £5.3m

5. Germany Embassy - £4m

6. Office of the High Commissioner for India - £3.9m

7. Polish Embassy - £3.15m

8. Office of the High Commissioner for Ghana – over £2m

9. Embassy of the Republic of Sudan – over £2m

10. Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan – over £2m

11. Chinese Embassy – over £2m

12. Kenyan High Commission – over £2m

13. French Embassy – over £1.8m


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  • So yet again its us local brits who have to pay, while foreigners get away with it!

    Next we will be asked to help bail out the Greeks - surely that could never happen.....

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