British Gas and EDF cut energy bills, and just in time: Snow could hit London this weekend

Last of the big six energy firms announce price cuts

British Gas and EDF energy have become the last of the UK’s big six energy companies to announce price cuts for gas.

British Gas said they would cut their prices by 5.1% for customers, and EDF soon followed suit, announcing a 5% price cut of their own.

The announcements of price cuts in mid-February are expected to lead to criticisms that the energy firms have only cut prices once the coldest months have passed.

However, the weird state of the UK’s weather patterns at the moment means there’s plenty of cold yet to come.

Snow for London?

There’s nothing quite like snow is there? Even the most hard-nosed corporate boss people must become excited when they draw back the curtain and the street outside is transformed into a magical wintery paradise.

Well, a rare dusting of the white stuff may well be heading to south east Britain, with the chance London could see a flurry of flakes over the weekend.

According to the Met Office there is a 20% chance of snow in London.

This does of course mean there is an 80% chance of no snow in London. If it’s not snow, then it’s going to be rain. There’s nothing exciting about that though.

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