Brace yourself for the tropical hurricane this weekend that could see a month’s rainfall in just a few hours

The Met Office has issued severe weather warnings after news Hurricane Bertha is heading to the UK.

The hurricane, which tore through the Caribbean recently with 90mph gusts leaving thousands of people without power, could cause chaos in London.

The Met Office said: “There is the potential for widespread rainfall totals of more than 50mm and coastal gusts of over 60mph, along with large waves.”

The chance of the hurricane coming to the UK is around 60%, with torrential rain battering London from the start of the weekend and thunder and lightning on Sunday.

This summer most Londoners have become accustomed to heavy showers and sudden thunderstorms forcing us to run home from the park or abandon BBQs – but others have been badly flooded.

London could be facing another round of flooding, according to Craig Woolhouse, the Environment Agency’s flood risk manager. He told the Standard: “On Sunday and Monday a combination of high spring tides and strong westerly winds brings a possible risk of flooding to the south-west coast of England while heavy rain may also lead to localised surface water flooding in parts of southern and central parts of England. However, the forecast remains uncertain so we advise people to regularly check the flood risk situation over the next 48 hours.

“The Environment Agency is continuing to monitor the situation closely along with the Met Office and local authorities.”

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