Boris Johnson to be blasted by water cannon

Boris Johnson has literally put himself in the firing line by agreeing to be blasted with a water cannon.

The mayor risks serious injury in the stunt, which he announced this morning during a phone-in on radio station LBC.

The Metropolitan Police has bought three second-hand water cannons from Germany – a move which Boris approved, despite use of the controversial crowd-dispersal devices being banned in Britain.

Presenter Nick Ferrari challenged the mayor to the stunt.

“I don’t mind. I am certainly prepared to do anything to show that they’re safe within reason,” Boris said.

“If it will really make you happy, I will investigate the whys and wherefores of whether I can stand in front of a water cannon without infringing some code of health and safety.”

The cannons have been alleged to have caused serious injuries in countries where they are currently used. In one high-profile German case, 116 people were injured after being sprayed with a cannon during a protest. This included Dietrich Wagner who was knocked unconscious and blinded by the cannon which ripped his eyelids off, damaged his corneas and fractured a bone in his face.

Something tells Boris might have a problem getting that past the health and safety people at City Hall.

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Boris bypasses government to spend £218,000 on German water cannon for London

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  • A Power Shower?
    What is Boris doing using taxpayers' money to buy such illegal foreign toiletries?
    The temperature in London lay be rising due to climate change, but surely we don't need to go that Continental?
    Is it not more British to watch the overheated Continental manifestant being doused in the full summer heat than ourselves?

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