Boris blames xenophobia for complaints London is overcrowded

Mayor of London Boris Johnson today lashed out at xenophobic Londoners for complaining that the capital is too crowded.

He said that those arguing the city was too full should ask themselves whether they’d have the same reaction if the growing number was made up of “white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant babies”.

In a call to BBC London, Johnson also rejected the idea that the UK could benefit from a Chinese-style one-child policy.

He said that a growing population was required in Britain in order to support a growing economy and the growing number of pensioners.

He said: “How would people feel if the population pressure was caused entirely by white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant babies?

“How would they feel about that… There’s a lack of clarity about that and people need to ask themselves what they really [think].”

Speaking about the population in Britain, he added: “We are now at 62 million… is that too many? If it is too many, then by how many would people like that number to be reduced, and how would they like it to be reduced?

“What are they seriously calling for?”

Earlier in his tour of the Far East, which he is still on, Johnson had said that xenophobia was part of human nature but added that it does not necessarily make people innately “bad”.

Population pressures are felt keenly in London where travel infrastructure is already inadequate.

According to traffic information company Inrix and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, congestion in London cost the economy $8.5bn (£5.3bn) in 2013, and the costs will rise to $14.5bn (£9.07bn) by 2030.

Over the next 16 years the cost is expected to be more than $200bn (£125bn).

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Boris asks - 'How would people feel if the population pressure was caused entirely by white, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant babies'

    Exactly the same! We are grossly overpopulated. a more sustainable 'green' population for the UK is around 20million.

    Increasing the population so that you can care for the aging population is the logic of the mad house, and if I have to explain why then you are part of the problem (like Boris!)

    He is right about one thing though when an indigenous population see's their environment being decimated and damaged by new comers then of course there will be resentment its only human nature, as any native American, Aborigine, or UKIP member will tell you!

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  • Yes the population is too high and it's time we accepted that.
    A good measure of this would be to see if the present infrastructure is able to cope with the increase in population. We all know the answer to that. !!!...
    There is already pressure on schools, housing and transport, to name just a few things. If public service workers are unable to live in or close to the capital then this becomes a problem for us all.
    Of course the issue is immigration as the indigenous population would not have grown so quickly in such a short space of time. We need a debate on how far we should allow Politicians to ruin our quality of life in the name of economic growth and the absurd assumption that helping to boost pension funds now will not cause another problem in the future.
    Come on Boris look up the word "Sustainability"

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