1,000 police officers deployed as London hosts two day anti-terror exercise

Training exercise was six months in the planning

If you happen to see an uncommonly large number of police and soldiers in London today and tomorrow, don’t worry – they are there because a full scale anti-terror training exercise is currently underway.

The operation, which has been six months in the planning, will aim to give emergency services the practice needed to respond effectively to the real thing.

The exercise, codenamed Strong Tower, is London’s largest ever training event of this type.

It will involve 1,000 police officers, alongside soldiers, emergency services personnel, and intelligence officials.

The exercise’s director, deputy assistant commissioner Maxine de Brunner said: “This exercise will be an on-going fast-paced terrorist situation and we will explore how we as London’s agencies respond.

“The exercise is at the extreme end of what might happen. We’re doing this so that if the very worst happens we are prepared to do our very best. It’s only through carrying out thorough exercises and challenging out assumptions can we be confident in dealing with different scenarios.

“We have not put together an exercise of this magnitude before - officers will not have come across anything like this before.

“It is about making sure we have the capability and skills for anything that terrorists could throw at us.”

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