The 2012 Olympic legacy has been “a failure” thanks to "wicked and negligent” politicians

While east London succeeded, not every part of the Olympic legacy did

Children have been robbed of the chance to find a sport they are good at, according to mayoral hopeful Tessa Jowell.

A decade on from London being awarded the 2012 Olympic Games, not enough has been done to inspire people to take up sport, Dame Tessa told the Guardian.

Government figures show 1.4 million more people are playing sports than before the Olympics, however it admitted that more needed to be done to attract people from different backgrounds.

The government has cut funding for school sport – a move Dame Tessa said was “wicked and negligent” and had “huge consequences”.

“Instead of a generation of children being transformed by sport, a generation of children have been robbed of the chance to discover a sport they’re really good at.

“We’ll go on wringing our hands about obesity, wringing our hands about the other benefits of sport and wondering in another five years’ time why we haven’t got more champions.”

Children’s sport should be an integral part of public health policy, she said, to help tackle obesity and heart disease.

East London legacy

Meanwhile, east London has performed really well since the Olympics, she said.

“Here is the legacy - East Village, the best place in London to live - 3,000 homes there and more coming,” Dame Tessa said.

“But the fact is that the coalition government allowed our very tight, deliberately targeted definition of legacy to become diffuse. I always knew that was a risk.”



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