London 2012 Olympics for businesses

Union Jack flag on the ground

Peter Knapp: London, your image is being squandered

The Olympics showed off London at its best, but we’re failing to capture this positive brand for the long-term

Tokyo Olympics

Andrew Stevens: How the Tokyo Olympics 2020 will help London businesses

And how Tokyo 2020 is benefitting from the London Games

Fans pose for pictures at the Olympic Park, London, on the final day of the London 2012 Olympics

Colin Stanbridge: Memory of London 2012 is fading fast, we must act NOW

The London Chamber boss on what we must do to maximise the Olympic opportunity

Boris Johnson dancing: The thumbs-up hip swing

Do the Mo-bot with the Mayor Video

Boris Johnson has taken to Oxford Circus to encourage you to do the Mo-bot

denise lewis

London Olympics could spur £21bn boost for British exports

London 2012 might be over, but the impact of the Games lives on - just ask Olympic gold medallist Denise Lewis



Nick Buckles

G4S boss Buckles confirms £50m Olympic loss in rematch with MPs

Buckles went before MPs for a second round of questioning over the Olympics security debacle

Does Olympic sports sponsorship work?

Infographic of the week: Did Olympic sponsorship work for brands?

Did the sponsors get their money’s worth? Olympics infographic showcasing social media chatter around the key sponsors and athletes, demonstrating sentiment and the most talked about brands during the games

Fans pose for pictures at the Olympic Park, London, on the final day of the London 2012 Olympics

Olympics 2012: After the party, cold reflection

Whether or not the 2012 Olympic Games will be good or bad for British businesses is a multi-headed monster of a question. Dan Matthews invited some of the UK’s most dynamic entrepreneurs to have a stab at the answer.

The Olympic rings are seen in front of a Saint Paul's Cathedral

Business lessons we can learn from the Olympics

It’s time to stop mourning the loss of the Games. You’re right - things are not half as exciting as they were two weeks ago, but buck-up, there are business tips to be garnered argues Vanessa Butler

A general view of the the Job Centre Plus

Is London’s unemployment drop just an Olympic anomaly? Maybe not

Cynics say the big boost in London jobs will cease to exist post-Olympics. But the optimist’s counter-arguments are worth hearing too

Boris Johnson dancing: The thumbs-up hip swing

How to dance like Boris: his Closing Ceremony moves, step-by-step

Our mayor knows how to bust a groove. Now you can too with our handy dance-like-Bozza guide

Boris tells Olympic naysayers: Put a sock in it

Restaurateur serves Boris £90k bill for loss of trade during Games

The Mayor’s warnings to Brits to stay away from central London during the Olympics have been blamed for one restaurant owner’s poor revenues over the two weeks.

Jamaica's Usain Bolt celebrates winning the men's 100m final

What type of Olympic athlete are you in your career?

How do you go for gold in your career? Are you a Usain Bolt, sprinting towards your goal, or do you take things at a more relaxed pace?

The Gold Medal Richlist: which Olympians will earn most now?

The Gold Medal Richlist: which Olympians will earn most now?

With a gold medal comes the chance to become a household brand name earning big bucks


Infographic of the week: Is hosting the Olympics good economically?

The London 2012 Games are in full swing - but will they pay off? This graphic looks at Olympics Games gone by to evaluate the economic benefits

Bradley Wiggins and other famous sideburn stars - Elvis, Abraham Lincoln and Doctor Spock

The psychology of sideburn success, or, how Bradley Wiggins won

Sure, he’s good at cycling - but that facial furriness does something special for a man

Chris Boardman on his bike

Ovett, Kerly and Christie... where are they now? Former British gold medallists

As Team GB pile up the golds why not remember some of our former gold medallists and find out what they’re up to now…

The social impact of London 2012

Infographic of the week: The social impact of London 2012

Social media is 110 times bigger than it was in 2008 for the Beijing Olympics, what does that mean for London 2012?

Steve Henry

AdMan: Olympic advertising is sh*t.

Marketing guru Steve Henry laments the crop of bad ads out there and offers some alternatives

Networking events guide: Win gold at London's events

Win gold with our Olympics business events calendar

Networking is a sport too. As the Games kick off, here’s our guide to make sure your business wins first place (sorry, couldn’t help it)

Union Jack flag on the ground

Rant Blog: Biggest Olympics fears, gripes and moans

I hate to sound pessimistic, but…

About as loveable as a microwave:  Wenlock and Mandeville

ArtMan: Look world, look how dull we can be

Artman Kevin Wilson weeps at the lack of creative spark in the London 2012 Olympics

91% of the Olympic souvenirs don't come with a 'Made in Britain' tag

Not Made in Britain: How the Olympics got outsourced overseas

Should we care that so much London 2012 work has been outsourced to foreign firms? Has London missed out?

Entrepreneur AlanMak: Why I got to carry the Olympic Torch

Alan Mak carried the Olympic Torch through Bedale in Yorkshire. This is the story of how London’s business community got him there

Michael Jordan

Seven best Olympic ambush marketing ploys

Not got the moolah to sponsor the Games? No matter, take a leaf out of these guys’ books and you can still cash in