HEADLINE SCANNER 12/8/13: Westfield centres UK's top crime spots | Prince Charles and private MP meets | West End is a "rich man's playground"

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Chris Bryant backtracks from Tesco and Next foreign worker jibe

Labour’s shadow immigration minister Chis Bryant had planned to make a speech today attacking Tesco and Next for using cheap migrant labour. After a backlash from the retailers though he u-turned saying: “I fully accept that Next and Tesco indeed often go the extra mile to try and recruit more local workers”.

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Prince Charles has held 36 private meetings with Cabinet ministers

Prince Charles has been accused of an “incontinence of lobbying” for holding 36 private meetings with Cabinet ministers since the last election.

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“Borough of Olympics” Stratford branded the country’s worst crime hotspot

In the last 18 months Scotland Yard has recorded 3,440 crimes in Stratford including 500 shoplifting offences, 300 violent crimes and hundreds of pick-pocketings and muggings. Many of these happened outside the Westfield shopping arcade. The second most popular crime spot was at the Westfield in Shepherd’s Bush.

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Westminster council leaders criticised for turning West End into a “rich man’s playground”

The Labour party has hit out at Tory-controlled Westminster council for giving a go-ahead to schemes for making 200 luxury flats last month, with no commitment to build affordable homes included in the plans.

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High-growth London businesses help UK firms grow at record rates

A Lloyds TSB Index has found that the rate of growth for English businesses was fastest in the North West (62.3), followed by London (61.8) last month. This has helped firms in England and Wales to grow at record rates in July.

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