Burst water main floods South London with filthy water, causing commuter chaos

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Photo: Lewis Whyld via Twitter

A burst water main caused chaos in South London last night, swamping streets in Stockwell in filthy water and closing a key commuter route into central London.

The water main burst shortly after 8pm, and rapidly turned a half-mile stretch of road between Stockwell and Oval Tube stations into what residents described as “a murky river”.

Many people were on standby to evacuate, and there were concerns that the thousands of gallons of brown water could cause considerable flooding to basement dwellings.

Rumours quickly surfaced on Twitter that the flood was caused by a burst sewage main. Thames Water quickly moved to reassure people that the pipe had been carrying fresh drinking water, but not before the hashtags #Londonpoo and #poonami were trending.

This morning Clapham road remained closed, causing major congestion through Brixton, Stockwell and Clapham. The receding water left a thick layer of brown sludge, and the weight of the water has caused areas of the road surface to collapse.

Fire crews distributed sand bags, and used baffle boards and water pumps to help prevent homes flooding.

Transport for London said that the road was closed but that the Tube was unaffected.

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