TalkTalk customers are at risk of fraud after major data theft

One customer had thousands stolen by fraudsters

TalkTalk customers have had thousands of pounds stolen after a major data breach.

In December 2014, a data breach at the broadband provider, which has four million customers, meant many people’s account details were compromised.

While TalkTalk said no financial information was taken, customers have complained they’ve been contacted by fraudsters pretending to be from TalkTalk.

In at least one case, thousands of pounds were stolen from a customer in a sophisticated scam.

While TalkTalk and Santander, the victim’s bank, have refused to refund the money, the broadband provider did say it is working with the Information Commissioner’s Office to investigate the leak at a third-party company.

In a statement, TalkTalk said: “We have become aware that some limited, non-sensitive information about some customers could have been illegally accessed in violation of our security procedures.

“We are aware of a small, but nonetheless significant, number of customers who have been directly targeted by these criminals and we have been supporting them directly.”

Back in January, TalkTalk said it knew of 100 accounts that were compromised but since then more people have come forward.

“We want to help our customers protect themselves from scams so we are writing to all customers again to warn them about this criminal activity, with full advice, support and a reminder of the many free services TalkTalk offers to try to stop malicious scams reaching them,” TalkTalk said.

Anyone who thinks they have been a victim of any scam can report it online with Action Fraud.


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