One in 10 Britons has a secret “escape fund” their partner doesn’t know about

Do you?

It seems one in 10 British people could be plotting to escape from a relationship using money they’ve secretly squirreled away.

Research by government-backed body the Money Advice Service has found 9% of married adults have a secret stash of money averaging £7,500 specifically set aside to use when leaving their partner.

Around 13% of married people have money their partner doesn’t know about.  41% of these people said “financial independence” was the reason for this, 38% said it was because they thought their partner would spend the money and 20% revealed they wanted to be sure their partner wasn’t with them for money.

The research was carried out among 2,000 adults in a serious relationship and found a quarter of people said their partner would be “upset, angry or surprised” if they saw the true state of their finances.


A third of people said they have been in a relationship where they’ve later found out the person was in serious debt, while one in five said they had hidden their own debt from their partner.

Around 22% of people who have been in a relationship for at least a year say that they have been impacted by their partner’s financial decisions, and 12% had their credit rating negatively affected.

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