Leaked RBS memo urges bank staff to volunteer with DIY to “spruce up” crumbling branches

The Royal Bank of Scotland has come up with a genius scheme to patch-up crumbling bank branches.

Get the staff to carry out repairs - for free!

Despite £46bn being pumped into the business by the taxpayer in 2008, it seems there’s not enough left to pay for general maintenance of the extensive property portfolio.

An internal memo leaked to PoliticsHome asked RBS employees in all divisions to volunteer for “painting, tidying up and general DIY” to “help spruce up your local branch”.

The message reads: “Colleagues from across the bank can sign-up to play their part and help to improve their local RBS or NatWest branch through painting, tidying up and general DIY as part of Branch Force.”

But can Branch Force really save the day? The memo reveals that 400 of 1,683 RBS and Natwest branches have requested assistance for “technology or property issues”.

So the Branch Force gang are going to have their work cut out, and they’re not going to be paid for it either!

In February this year, the bank’s figures revealed that it had ineed ploughed through all of the £46bn the government handed to it in exchange for 81% ownership. So maybe they are pretty hard up now.

But wait! Despite the terrible year it had in 2013 (it made a loss of £8.2bn), the bank managed to squirrel away £576m to pay staff bonuses. You would think they could afford a handyman.

LondonlovesBusiness.com contacted RBS to find out more about Branch Force and what is going on. We’ll give you more as we get it.


A RBS spokesperson said: “In the last year, we have invested over £100m in refurbing and modernising our branches across the UK. This initiative is voluntary, and enables our head office teams to spend more time in branches and lend an extra pair of hands to do simple tasks such as clear out cupboards or filing, allowing front line staff to continue to focus on our customers. Over 300 members of staff have signed up to get involved in the last 24 hours and will work with the branch teams to do this at a time that suits them and their customers.”

This article was updated at 16:30 on 02.12.14 to include a statement from RBS.

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