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Phones 4U

6,000 jobs at risk as Phones 4U “forced” into administration, despite £100m+ profits

Mon, 15 Sep 2014

Phones 4U is shutting down its 550 stores today. It said it has been “forced into administration” as mobile network EE has not renewed its contract with the company.

RBS Window, person walks by

Thousands of jobs in limbo as RBS says it will move to London if Scotland votes “yes”

Thu, 11 Sep 2014

For the first time in almost three centuries, RBS could be headquartered in London.

Dave Fishwick

Bank of Dave is coming to a high street near you. Would you bank there?

We talk to founder and TV star Dave Fishwick about the new bank that half the country want to switch to

Taxes for SMEs

5 genuinely interesting tax facts... no, really!

Tax is not a sexy subject. Just the mere mention of the word causes most people’s eyes to glaze over or brings them out in hives. However, here at we thought it was about time tax got interesting.

Euro comes into force

Alessio Rastani: Why the euro is going to be trashed

The fastest way for Draghi to kickstart the economy is to trash the euro, says Alessio Rastani

Alessio Rastani, financial trader and founder of

Alessio Rastani: How to profit from Brazil today

Why Brazil’s stock market may be more predictable than the World Cup results


8 insurance mistakes businesses need to watch out for

These follies can wipe out profits and slow growth