Asda’s own-brand beer is a massive splash in… Japan

Pete Brown, I hope you’re not reading this, as I imagine that beer connoisseurs will not be fizzing with joy about the way British ale is being represented in Japan.

It turns out that Asda’s own-brand Extra Special Golden Ale is a massive hit in Japan. It is the second-best-selling beer across the 368 branches of the Seivu supermarket chain, beaten only by a local Japanese brand.

Sales of Asda’s Extra Special Golden Ale in Japan are now 155% higher than in the UK.

Both Seivu and Asda are owned by Walmart. Andy Clarke, general manager for exports at Asda’s sourcing arm IPL told The Grocer that it sources more than 50 products for Walmart Japan and China. He said this gives “our producers a unique opportunity to access emerging markets”.


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