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Brompton World Champs 2013

Riding into the unknown: the extraordinary growth of Brompton BicycleVideo

We visited the Brompton Bicycle factory to witness the building of a global brand

Hangzhou, China tech capital

Move over Silicon Valley. If you want innovation, look to Hangzhou

Alibaba, Apple, and why Western digital hegemony is finally over


Justin Urquhart Stewart: Britain vs Germany

The Germans may have victory on the football pitch, but economically we’re equal, says the Seven Investment Management founder


Justin Urquhart Stewart: The French economy needs a revolution

The French are celebrating revolution, but it’s their economy that needs it now, says the Seven Investment Management founder


Justin Urquhart Stewart: There's more cash swishing around, but where does it go?

Let’s see businesses using cash for investment, says the Seven Investment Management founder

Burberry in China

What these fast-growing foreign markets are buying from Britain

From school books to rare books, British products are in high demand

Union Jack sunglasses - Made in Britain

How "Brand Britain" can help your business

By 2017 total expenditure from domestic and overseas tourists in the UK is forecast to reach over £135.5bn. Is your business ready to take advantage?


E-guide: Your 5-step roadmap to exporting success

Why the time to start exporting is NOW

European Union

Close to home: Why the EU is a great first port of call for exporting hopefuls

BRICS and MINTs are all very well – but when it comes to starting out, businesses should begin with Europe

Container ship in the Straits of Singapore

How to do business in Asia-Pacific

The CEO of Astus gives her tips on how to adapt to the challenges of doing business abroad

Brand Britain

How these British brands are nailing it overseas – and how you could be too

Exporting is easier than you think. Here’s how to get started

Chinese new year

Business in China: Why you must get up close and personal to succeed

David Clive Price helps Western companies launch and expand in Asian markets. He explains how


Justin Urquhart Stewart: Hurrah for British manufacturing - bravo Ireland

“Yes we do make things!” says the Seven Investment Management founder


Simon Spinks: How can we encourage more SMEs to export?

Harrison Spinks MD on the best export strategies for SMEs


Need help with exporting? Here are five great export resources

So you want to explore a new market, but aren’t sure where to start…

Rocket taking off

Eight amazing ways exporting can make your growth explode

Looking for improved productivity, innovation and resilience?

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