Heat is on for Big Six as energy complaints rocket

The UK’s largest energy companies are failing to restore trust in the market after months of complaints amid rising rates. Last week, the sector was blasted for failing to pass on huge wholesale rates cuts to customers.

Today it has emerged that the largest energy firms received a record 1.7 million complaints over the last quarter. It is the highest level of complaints over a single quarter since records began, and up by 15% since the same period last year according to Which?

The worst offender was npower, with 83 complaints per 1,000 customers. Scottish power had the best record, with 13 complaints per 1,000.

Meanwhile, EDF improved their figures, with complaints falling from 77 last year, to 46 per 1,000 this year. But SSE went in the opposite direction, doubling its number of complaints from 13 this time last year, to 1,000. British Gas and E.On both received about 30 complaints.

Which? executive director Richard Lloyd said: “Yet again millions of customers are being let down by poor service from the Big Six energy companies. This has to change.

“If they want to improve the low level of consumer trust in the energy market, suppliers must up their game now, rather than wait for the results of a competition review.”

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