Vince Cable disagrees with Tories (again) over economic recovery

Vince Cable has gone against his coalition partners yet again, declaring Britain is seeing the wrong type of economic recovery.

Speaking the day before GDP figures were released, the Business Secretary said he was not happy to go along with the speed and size of cuts Chancellor George Osborne has planned after 2015.

Cable said: “There are different ways of finishing the job … not all require the pace and scale of cuts set out by the chancellor. And they could allow public spending to stabilise or grow in the next parliament, whilst still getting the debt burden down.”

Many might take this as a hint the Lib Dems are looking to secure a coalition with Labour at the next general election.

“The Liberal Democrats will reduce the debt burden but ensure this isn’t done at the expense of public services and the most vulnerable in society,” Cable said in a lecture to the Royal Economic Society.


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