Tourists spend more when staying with Londoners, study finds

Tourists who have stayed in Londoners’ spare rooms rather than hotels brought £157m directly into the capital’s economy last year.

Compared with an average £474 spent when visitors stayed in a hotel in the capital, those who stayed in spare rooms or unused space spent an average of £1,231.

The figures were worked out by economists from the Centre for London using data from Airbnb, a site which allows users to let their empty space on a short-term basis to visitors.

The average Airbnb visitor stayed 5.4 nights in London compared a 3 night typical stay in the city, and spent £149 per day on average in the borough they stayed in, according to the figures from November 2012 to October 2013.

Airbnb said users were attracted to the site because they were able to “live like locals”. In fact, in London 72% of the places people stayed were outside of the main hotel areas.

Last year, there were nearly 8,000 hosts in London, and more than 200,000 guests.


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