Threat to Scotland keeping pound has “backfired”, says analyst as polls show boost for independence

Warnings issued by the leaders of the UK’s three largest political parties that Scotland may not be able to continue using the pound if the country breaks from the UK in September may have “backfired”, according to one leading political analyst.

John Curtice, a professor of politics at the University of Strathclyde said that the move by Westminster had failed to generate support for the pro-UK camp, and that a small increase of support had been seen for an independent Scotland.

A poll by Survation in the Scottish Daily Mail showed an increase in support for an independent Scotland since the chancellor’s speech, with 38% supporting independence and 47% supporting the United Kingdom.

The poll also found that just 37% of respondents believe that the threat to the pound was real.

The support prompted a fiery response from Scottish first minister Alex Salmond, who said to MSPs in a speech in Edinburgh last Thursday that “most people in Scotland would feel that George Osborne insulted the intelligence of the Scottish people … The indications we have so far is that the joint enterprise between George Osborne and Ed Balls has backfired on the two unionist parties in spectacular fashion.”

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Hmm, 37% of the vote say that Westminster was bluffing, doesn't that mean that 63% thought Westminster were not bluffing or were not sure if they were bluffing. - Shouldn't the headline read "Threat to Scotland keeping pound has massive success"?

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  • Why would Westminster be bluffing and if Alex Salmond is so keen on independence why wouldn't he want his own currency? For one country to use the currency of another is absurd and illogical. The sooner Alex Salmond is kicked into the long grass the better.

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