The most desired jobs in Britain will definitely surprise you

Forget the most popular, we just want to know which 7% of people want to be a call centre worker

Going by the YouGov survey of the most desired jobs, the British boffin stereotype is alive and well.

It seems the job we most want is an author, followed by a librarian and an academic.

Far be it for us to call Britain a nation of nerds, but it seems the most desired jobs are rather more cerebral than the TV presenter, movie star or F1 driver we were expecting.

Around 60% of people said they wanted to be author, while only 32% said they did not want to be one.

Working as a librarian seemed to be the dream for 54% of people, while an academic was popular among 51%.

Least popular of the jobs YouGov asked people about was a miner with only 5%.

Being a farmer (29%) beats being an investment banker (26%), according to those surveyed, while more people wanted to be a teacher (35%) than an Olympic athlete, MP or a Hollywood film star (all 31%).

Perhaps surprisingly, women were more cautious than men, saying they’d be happier to do lower paid jobs such as a cleaner or call centre worker.

Here’s the full list:

Most desired jobs

Most desired jobs



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