The minimum wage should rise by nearly 20% according to the public

The general public thinks the minimum wage should be put up by more than £1 to £7.49 an hour.

Currently the National Minimum Wage for people aged 21 and over is £6.31, meaning the proposed increase would be 19%.

The YouGov poll of opinion-formers found people who said they would vote Labour in the next general election were the most in favour of putting up the minimum wage and wanted an increase to £7.69 on average. Lib Dem voters were next wanting £7.38, Tory voters said it should be £7.26 and UKIP voters said £7.33.

However, four out of 10 UKIP voters said they would oppose an increase in the minimum wage.

According to think tank the Resolution Foundation, the minimum wage is the lowest since 2004 (when it was £4.85) in terms of spending power.

In 2013, the average cost of a London pint was £3.60, meaning you’d only have £2.71 change for an hour’s work under current minimum wage. If it was increased to £7.49, you could get two pints and still have 29p left over. Though what that 29p could buy you these days is hard to say.


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