Should the minimum wage go up to £10 an hour? The Green Party thinks so

The National Minimum Wage should be put up to £10 an hour, according to the Green Party.

Natalie Bennett, leader of the Green Party, is calling for a rise in the minimum wage during the next parliamentary term, by 2020.

She will say in a speech at the party’s conference in Manchester, the minimum wage should immediately be raised to the level of the Living Wage, the amount needed to survive on for a full-time worker.

Currently the Living Wage stands at £7.65, and £8.80 in London.

A YouGov survey back in January found the general public support this view – with the consensus that the minimum wage should rise to an average of £7.49.

According to think tank the Resolution Foundation, the minimum wage is the lowest since 2004 (when it was £4.85) in terms of spending power.

Bennett will also say the minimum wage needs to be levelled out, with people doing exactly the same job paid the same, no matter how old they are.

The lower minimum wage for people aged below 22 has long been a controversial policy, with campaigners arguing discriminating by age does not necessarily reward the most able or experienced staff.

Raising the minimum wage would improve pay for 5.2m people, which is about 17% of the working population and, according to the Greens, would provide a “fairer society where fewer workers are trapped in poverty pay conditions”.

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