Shock stats: a QUARTER of Brits think all immigrants should be forced to leave the UK

A quarter of British people said they thought all immigrants should be sent back to their home countries.

In a poll by ICM for the think tank British Future, 25% of the 2,000 people surveyed agreed with the statement: “The government should insist that all immigrants should return to the countries they came from, whether they’re here legally or illegally”.

However, (thankfully) more than half, 52%, said they disagreed.

These shocking figures come after numerous reports show immigration adds billions to the UK economy. Earlier this month, University College London economists estimated the UK gained £20bn from EU migrants over 10 years.

The report also said Nigel Farage was the most trusted politician on the subject of immigration, with 34% of people saying they trusted him.

According to the British Future report, the 25% of people who would like to end immigration take this view because they feel personally negatively affected by immigration.

“This group feels ‘left behind’ by the rapid changes to modern Britain over the last forty years. They are predominantly older, mainly white and predominantly male,” the report said.

These people are less likely to listen to economic arguments about the whole of the UK, the report added.

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Readers' comments (7)

  • 'However, (thankfully) more than half, 52%, said they disagreed..
    Nothing like unbiased reporting!

    What the survey is saying 48% of people are not happy or comfortable with the immigration situation (and don't mix this with race) which says we have potentially a really big problem on our hands.

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  • Hi Brian M, thanks for your comment.

    Just to be clear, the survey didn't say 48% were not happy or uncomfortable with immigration. It said 25% wanted all immigrants sent back to their home countries, 52% didn't, and 23% said neither. That is very different.

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  • i think your headline coud also have been: 25% of Brits are complete morons. These people clearly do not have the ability or inclination to think through an issue before opening their mouths to spout nonsense. Did your survey ask them a follow up question such as 'so someone who immigrated and married a native Brit 25 years ago now with children and grand children must also be deported?' or 'Should the two Noble laureates, now British Knights, who discovered graphene also be deported?' What about all those doctors, teachers, nurses, engineers, corner store owners, etc. etc. all be deported?

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  • Anonymous

    There are far too many illegal immigrants in Britain. Our borders are not being properly controlled - security has to be improved as a priority.

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  • So we should send them all back? Eastern Europeans, Western Europeans, Asians, Angles, Jutes, Huguenots, Normans, Saxons, Romans, Vikings, Picts, Celts - where shall we draw the line?

    And who will be left to draw it?

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  • Thoroughly enjoyed Tony Ling's comment here.

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  • Michael Smith

    Nice comment Tony. Unfortunately the media has played a huge part in stoking the fires of division, nationalism and prejudice. I would like to see someone stand up and have the balls to say 'The immigrants to this country have made a significant, rich and worthwhile contribution to its evolution.
    The inflammatory rhetoric of UKIP has created a volatile situation not unlike that of Germany in the 1930s. Beware the night the long knives.

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