Pay gap could push average Londoner out of the capital

More people are becoming trapped in low wage work, as the gap between good and poor quality jobs widens, according to a report.

Middle income jobs are slowly disappearing, with those who previously held them being pushed into lower paid, less secure jobs. One in five employees are now in low paid jobs and there are more people in poverty who are employed than unemployed.

The research commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation showed those with the better paid jobs were keeping them.

The report also highlighted how, by 2022, more than 60% of workers in London will be in high-paid occupations. Those outside the highest paid jobs will find it difficult to afford to live in the capital due to rising living costs and property prices.

“There’s no doubt that low-paying jobs have always existed, and that some UK cities continue to see significant growth in high-paid jobs. But what has changed over the past few decades is that, in many cities, the pathways to upward mobility have been severely eroded, as their jobs markets polarise and the stable jobs of the ‘middle’ begin to slip away,” said Alexandra Jones, chief executive of the Centre for Cities in the Guardian.

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