Only 24 Romanians have come to the UK since border controls were lifted, ambassador says

Only 24 Romanians have moved to the UK since immigration rules were relaxed, according to the country’s British ambassador.

Estimating the figures based on how many Romanians were recorded moving to the Netherlands, Ion Jinga said so more than two dozen Romanians would have moved here.

Speaking to the Telegraph Jinga said: “I do not see any reason why Holland would be less attractive than the UK, with the geographic proximity playing in favour of the Dutch.”

He added: “What we know is that on the flight into Luton airport on the 1 January, only two Romanians took advantage of the lifting of border restrictions in Britain.”

British businesses asking for Romanians

Jinga also said he had been contacted by 10 British firms wanting to hire Romanian workers.

“We advised them to advertise their job offers at Job Centre Plus,” he said.

Mr Jinga added: “British companies are currently advertising 5,000 posts for Romanians to plug gaps in the highly skilled jobs market.”

Government dispute

Meanwhile, cabinet minister Ken Clarke has hit out at the Prime Minister, calling the debate about stopping “foreigners coming here” as “rightwing, nationalist escapism”.

He said: “The idea that you can have some fundamental debate that somehow stops all these foreigners coming here is rather typical rightwing, nationalist escapism, I think.”

This comes after David Cameron said the “scale was too big and the pace too fast” of immigration under the previous government.


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  • Ian Middleton

    Bet they're all just hiding round the corner waiting to sneak past immigration when nobody's looking

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  • Ian Middleton

    And by 'all' I mean the WHOLE COUNTRY of course. And all their horses.

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