Nick Clegg pledges tax rises for the rich

Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has promised to increase taxes for the rich if his party are in government next year.

The Lib Dems, who are part of the current government, have promised if they get into government again in 2015 they will increase taxes for rich people while making further spending cuts.

“Taxing the rich helps you complete the job of balancing the books, but balancing it fairly,” the deputy PM said on LBC this morning.

He said he would align tax on dividends with income tax and reiterated the Lib Dems’ support for the mansion tax, which will raise £1.5bn, he said.

“At the moment we’ve got this astonishing situation where a family home in Lewisham, a £700,000 home, will pay the same council tax as a Russian oligarch’s £10m mansion.”

The Lib Dem party conference began yesterday in Glasgow.

As well as the wage increase for apprentices we told you about earlier, here’s a roundup of what’s been said so far:

  • A plan to reopen a rail line between Oxford and Cambridge and build 50,000 new homes along the line
  • Vince Cable said he favoured extending Gatwick airport, rather than Heathrow, with more to follow on Tuesday
  • Easing of benefit sanctions and support for claimants, as well as a review of Universal Credit and reform of the Hardship Fund

We’ll bring you more on the Lib Dem conference as it happens.

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