Minimum wage to rise from today: But how does Britain compare globally?

Pay rise for one million workers from today as minimum wage rises… slightly

Over a million workers in Britain will see wage rises from today as the minimum wage is raised from £6.50 to £6.70 per hour – a rise of 20p.

But minimum wages only apply to those over 20-years-old at the moment. However, 18 to 20-year-olds will see small rises, with wages up to £5.30 per hour and under-18s receiving £3.87 per hour.

The rise comes ahead of the introduction of the new living wage next year, which will mean workers over the age of 25 are to receive a minimum of £7.20 per hour.

Nonetheless, the rises still fall far short of the Living Wage Foundation’s suggested rates of £7.85 per hour and £9.15 per hour for Londoners.

Critics of the government’s living wage plans have said that Chancellor George Osborne has merely “rebranded” the minimum wage.

But how much does the new minimum wage in Britain compare to those in other developed countries?

Britain: £6.70

US: $7.25 (£4.79) but only $2.13 (£1.41) for tipped workers (this is the national minimum, and minimum wages are higher in some states)

Australia: $17.29 (£8.08)

France: €9.61 (£7.08)

Canada: C$10.20 - C$12.50  (£5.08 - £6.22) (set by each province and territory)

Germany: €8.50 (£6.26)

Belgium: €9.12 (£6.72)

Meanwhile, none of the Scandinavian countries set minimum wages, but laws allow workers the right to form unions to bargain wages, and wage discrimination is illegal.

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