How much do we give the EU, and how much do we get back?

The UK gave the EU €14.5bn in 2013 (in cash rather than any other kind or benefit), and directly got back €6.3bn.

Half of that €6.3bn EU expenditure on the UK (€3.1bn) was given to UK farmers to subsidise food production.

We also received €1.1bn in research grants, an amount second only to what Germany received for research grants.

Below is a graph showing how much money we got directly from the EU (expenditure) and how much we have contributed since 2007.

The UK consistently contributes more than we receive as we are one of the richest nations in the EU.

But here’s the important caveat…

This graph only takes into account money we get back directly, and doesn’t include the value of other things the UK benefits from, such as the European Court of Justice, trade with the EU, and the wide range of other benefits associated with EU membership.


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  • Or what comes back in salaries and fees for our expertise. Many Brits do a bundle of work for the EU, on research contracts or as advisers and consultants. Probably never been quantified but my subjective observations suggest we're the largest single national group providing such paid-for services to the EU.

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  • A good point, Ian, but that's public money going out and private money coming back. So all of us are paying in, but only a few are benefiting from the returns.

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  • Just where do those pro EU statistics come from.exactly? We pay out approx a net £55m PER DAY to EU and we get back so much red tape and regulation that our industries, fisheries and agriculuure have been decimated. We have no control over our borders and are faced with overall cotrol of of our laws and justice systems by faceless EU bureaucrats.
    Maybe the public should be given a referendum

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  • Would someone please advise on just what our objective is in Europe? We have a three trillion £ debt, that we cannot service, The USA buy up all our business and move them over their, China finishes off any others that start up. All the migrants send their money home. An yet we are the richest country in the EU, ? and we get all these benifits? and other spin offs? Sounds like good old British Manure, and that is about all we have left.

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  • A very simplistic view of UK benefits vs. EU??? How about a realistic view including all benefits and then put them alongside each other? Will make for some very interesting reading for the Euro skeptics! Anyone for a bet? (a pint of Hoegaarden please!)

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  • Regarding David Hillside's comments on no control, I remain amused by the current "negativity" being projected about the EU. However, I look at Belgium and The Netherlands as two examples of where our economies are not exactly doing particularly well but still get on with it..... the impact on our lives? We have two terminals at our airports, one for Schengen countries where there is no passport control whatsoever (except for Bulgaria and Rumania), the other for the UK and Ireland (EU countries). The price we pay is that we live in a very bureaucratic society with ID cards, knowing where every single citizen actually lives.... this results in less crime and a pretty safe nation. I guess it is a small price to pay (ID cards) to enjoy the benefits? If the short-sighted scaremongers (UKIP) want to win votes by having Britain exit the EU, it would be a sad day indeed for Britain.... there are so many underlying advantages being part of the big European family. Dialogue and diplomacy go a long way.... Like I said before, the EU would be a poorer place without our British fellow Europeans! (excuse the pun)

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  • Before I comment on whether or not we should remain in the in the EU. I would like to see the someone actually sign off the accounts, because as I understand it, this has not actually been done for years. Now excuse me if this sounds simplistic, but who invests money without ever seeing the books!

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