Households set to foot £250bn infrastructure bill

Households might have to foot the bill for £250bn worth of major infrastructure upgrades, sparking fears the poorest will be hit the hardest.

The government is carrying out an independent assessment of consumers’ ability to pay the sum over 15 years, for improvements in water, energy, communications and transport.

The total for these investments would be £375bn, with consumers set to pay three quarters of this, according to the Public Accounts Committee.

However Margaret Hodge, Labour MP and chair of the committee, said there was nobody in government taking responsibility for the impact of the measure.

“No one seems to be sticking up for the consumer in all this,” She said.

“This is of particular concern given that the poorest households are hit hardest by increases in bills. Poorer households spend more of their incomes on household bills relative to richer households, meaning that funding infrastructure through bills is more regressive than doing so through taxation.”

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  • £50bn of that is just going on HS2 - the worst waste of taxpayers money in history! I can understand power stations and the like, but unnecessary vanity projects like this should be scrapped or altered to serve us better. The Chinese are excited about getting involved as it means we'll be beholden to them for the cash plus interest and ridiculously favourable terms. Easy for government to spend our money making themselves look good to their peers and people who might give them post-political directorships. Gt to love our dear leaders eh?

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  • ...and before anyone implies it, I don't live next to the line - just read the facts on it as everybody should. Its your money they're squandering...

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