Economic gap between London and the UK widens

The economic gap between London and the rest of the UK is getting bigger, according to analysis by the Centre for Cities.

The capital created 10 times more private sector jobs than any other city since 2010, with almost a third of young people who move cities coming to London.

Edinburgh and Birmingham were the next best performing cities after London.

The report also said there was a perception that London sucked talent out of the rest of the country and the rest of the UK would be better off without it.

Paul Swinney, senior economist at the Centre for Cities, said: “It’s one of the best performing cities in the world and from a national perspective we need to continue supporting the growth of London.

“The bigger issue is the underperformance of our next largest cities, such as Sheffield and Manchester.

“They’re very much punching below their weight in terms of their contribution to the national economy.”


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