Channel 4 economics editor has a massive rant about banks. You won’t be able to help but agree

Sick of hearing about banking fines? Try being the journalist that reports on them every time.

Channel 4 News economics editor Paul Mason is tired of covering the same stories over and over again.

In this video he passionately explains why – and it’s not difficult to agree with him.

 “I’m just sick of it. I mean why do we have to keep coming here to do it?” he tells the camera.

“All we can ask is that the regulators do their job proactively… what’s so hard about it?”

Hear hear.

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Readers' comments (2)

  • Well, Paul Mason is basically right. Bankmanagers ought to go to jail for massive wrongdoings. Nothing seems to have changed in six years. This arrogance is unbearable for the informed and intelligent public.

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  • Anonymous

    I'm pretty talented. I'll come and run your bank for half your money, and I don't mind the threat of going to jail if anyone does something illegal on my watch. But BY CHRIST I WILL RULE THAT PLACE WITH A ROD OF IRON!!!!

    PS - If you want to leave the country as a result, I'll even give you a one-way lift to the airport.

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