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Saving the economy

Economy is growing at fastest rate in SEVEN years

Thu, 24 Apr 2014

If you’re having a dreary Thursday then here’s a bit of exciting economic news to pump you up.

High borrowing figures hit Osborne's deficit reduction plans

Deficit reduction reaches government target

Wed, 23 Apr 2014

George Osborne will be having a happy morning after the latest borrowing figures revealed the deficit has hit the government’s target for 2013-14.

Business growth

Surviving the recovery

How your business can stay ahead as the economy grows

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart: Is the recovery different this time?

The Seven Investment Management founder ponders our fragile situation

Wind farm - renewables set to rocket

Sophie Hobson: Cameron's ideas about limiting UK windfarms are utterly idiotic

Our editor says that renewable energy is an absolute must to protect the natural environment - and our national independence

The oil and gas industry faces many complex challenges

Harry Cockburn: Centrica’s “blackout” threat is short-term posturing

The British energy market is in a sorry state. Businesses and families are at the mercy of the Big Six energy suppliers, which control 95% of the market. Prices have risen at up to eight times the rate of earnings, and have gone up a staggering 55% in a decade.

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart: Party like it's 1999

The Seven Investment Management founder reminds improving markets to maintain perspective

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Parliament union flag

What would make Britain better? We ask the publicVideo

…and get some interesting ideas

Chancellor George Osborne

Budget 2014: 12 things Osborne MUST include

Entrepreneurs share their views

George Osborne before delivering his Budget Statement in 2011 - Kingston Smith give predictions for 2112

John Roddy: What to expect from the Budget 2014

The chief executive of The Shield Group comments ahead of Wednesday

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart: Raiding pension pots shouldn't be the fast track to job creation

The Seven Investment Management founder says that politiciains should be encouraging investment to improve employment

London skyline - City

A tale of two countries: the UK’s unequal economic recovery

Why is London powering ahead of the rest of the UK, and can the country rebalance?

Justin Urquhart Stewart

Justin Urquhart Stewart: The UK needs long-term investors not short-term punters

The Seven Investment Management founder calls for more UK Investment to stimulate growth

Sophie Hobson - correct size

Sophie Hobson: There’s much to celebrate in Clegg’s new plans for NEETs, but one glaring mistake

Yes, we must end the “snobbery surrounding vocational education”, says our editor - but some of this is counter-productive

Chinese new year

Meet China’s 25 richest billionaires

As we welcome in the Chinese New Year…

Alan Mak

Alan Mak on Davos 2014: The responsible recovery begins

Leaders are thinking about how to help more than just the1%, writes Mak, a World Economic Forum Young Global Shaper