CBI becomes the second organisation in a week to hit out at the government over this one issue

The business group warns the government isn’t tackling a major problem

The CBI has become to second organisation in a week to criticise the government’s lack of support for green energy.

Director John Cridland said the government needed to be giving more support to the emerging industry, of which the UK is a prominent participant.

“The green economy is an emerging market in its own right, brimming with opportunity.

“Yet, with the roll-back of renewables policies and the mixed messages on energy efficiency, the government risks sending a worrying signal to businesses.

“We need all countries to pull in the same direction at the Paris Climate Summit (in November) to give firms the certainty and confidence they need to invest in the green economy for the long run”.

Last week, EY also criticised the government’s lack of support for renewables in a report, saying the industry was a victim of “death by a thousand cuts”.


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  • No doubt representing the large companies providing the turbines, cabling etc, these moans are the result of the government finally seeing through the 'green crap' and realising that wind-power is never going to provide anything more than a small fraction of our energy needs at ridiculous cost.the only effective alternative to fossil fuels is nuclear, and we are years off having enough, owing to the pusillanity of previous governments cowed by ex-CND and Greenpeace anti-nuclear lefties. We need to repeal Labour's clean air act and get on with keeping the lights on.

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  • @Ian - Agree there is an awful lot of green crap out there - but there is also some good stuff which is not being addressed to get a good mix of real reliable green energy such as tidal barrages etc.

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  • May I ask Ian what your credentials are for making such sweeping statements on green energy such as 'repeal the clean air act? Tell that to the kids and their families in inner cities suffering badly with asthma and related diseases. I get the feeling you've already made up your mind on this issue so I won't attempt to extol the virtues of green energy, lest I be accused of being a raving looney lefty. As for nuclear it appears we are being forced down that road anyway by Mr Osborne, with little choice offered in our 'democratic' society. I'd be happy with nuclear, but not in my backyard or within several thousand miles of my family. Japan thought it safe too. Interesting that Germany, far more efficiently industrialised than we, put the brakes on nuclear after Japan. I fear Mr Osborne is putting economics before peoples welfare. bring on the tidal solution and energy savings at home making us carbon neutral, but not piecemeal and without a government committed to it.

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  • Anonymous

    Economics is more important than welfare because it is better to be dead than poor and green energy won't save the earth from the dying sun.

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  • I may have got the wrong act-it's the one that ties us in to completely unrealistic carbon emission targets, also imposed on us by the EU. Germany, having abandoned nuclear, has reverted to coal, of which they have plenty. Tidal barrages are reliable and predictable, but there seem to be many practical and cost difficulties. On-shore or off-shore wind is almost totally useless, inefficient, costly and unreliable, and has to be backed up by diesel generators!. At the moment, nuclear is the only carbon-free option. Japan suffered a horrific tsunami-that was what did for the power station. Why Germany has reverted to coal, I don't understand. Our emissions are around 1% of the world's output, so we are crucifying our industry and holding consumers to ransom to minimal effect; even if I believed in the myth of CO2 causing global warmig, which has never been proved. A lot of theorising and dodgy computer modelling by people whose livelihood it is, whilst 'deniers' with no financial interest are castigated. People once believed the earth was flat...

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