Young women are not confident they’ll get to the top of the career ladder

There are some eye-opening stats in a new report

While workplaces are more diverse than ever before, most young women still don’t think they’ll make it to the top of the career ladder.

Only 40% of women in a study by PwC said they thought they’d make it to the top levels with their current employer, compared with 71% of men.

Women also said employers showed a male-bias, particularly when promoting employees from within. A total of 43% of women and 22% of men thought this was the case.

The majority of women (71%) also thought, while companies talked about diversity, there were not really opportunities for all.

“Saying the right things on the topic of gender diversity will no longer suffice; the female millennial wants to see visible action from the leaders of their chosen employers,” the report said.

“Also, the more career experienced the female millennial becomes, the more likely she is to identify gender bias and seek gender-inclusive employers. Successful employers will do more than ‘talk the talk’, they will commit to inclusive talent and advancement strategies that demonstrate visible results.”


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